Let’s be brave.


Vulnerability = Bravery. Putting yourself “out there.” Taking the leap makes you vulnerable because you don’t know the outcome. You have no control over any of it. Whether it’s the outcome you’re hoping for, surprised by in the end, or the one that goes up in flames and is a big fail. Whatever the ending may be you can still chalk it up to bravery. You tried. If we’re always doing the things we’re used to, then there would be no exploration, inspiration, or newness in our lives. Being vulnerable and putting yourself out there is a brave and bold move.

In terms of dance life, I’ll choreograph a piece that’s out of my comfort zone, try a song that is not expected to be done with hip hop moves, and take a dance class I have no training in. I show my dancers and students vulnerability every time I stand in front of them, in front of that mirror. I’m okay with messing up, laughing at myself, being human. I think my courage gives them the courage to push themselves and keep trying. I haven’t succeeded at everything I try, but honestly I “try” a whole lot, so the chance for success is ever greater. Feel free to share your story with me. Keep dancin’ kittens XOXO…B


Sign at Trader Joe’s


It’s Pink Friday!

Thanks, Nicki Minaj! But I say to heck with Black Friday, let’s get this party started early. Starting today, 11.11.11 at 11:11 a.m. visit our online store and use promo code PINKFRIDAY to get an 11% discount on your entire purchase of awesome t-shirts. Use it all month long until November 30 and as many times at you want. Do share it with your friends! Shop now>

Happy Halloween!

Amadeus says October is black cat month–please be kind to black cats during Halloween! 

Zombie Crawl this Friday.

Join us for the Zombie Crawl in Downtown Campbell. Come dressed in your finest zombie gear or just come and enjoy the sight. Get the deets here. Learn flash mob choreo tonight at the Campbell Community Center track at 6:45pm.

Do a little dance- today’s Groupon!

Hey dancers! Today’s Groupon features Ariel Dance Productions–the studio that I teach hip hop at. We have a great group of dancers and amazing instructors. It’s a wonderful place to learn how to dance or even pick up a new style–it’s not intimidating at all! Just a super fun way to get in shape (10mins of abs in my class, hello!) and become a better dancer. We have styles that range from hip hop to breakdancing to belly dancing to lyrical and more. Check out this Groupon today and save!

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