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DIY: Floral Headband

Spring is in my hair. I am super obsessed with floral headbands right now. They’re so beautiful, so femme, so fresh–even if they are faux flowers. I decided to make one to wear to a friend’s b-day bash at the Academy of Sciences in SF. It’s super easy and you can make one too. Just pick up a few items at your local craft store and it seriously doesn’t take that long to make. These floral headbands would be so beautiful on stage. Just gotta pin it like crazy, so it stays on your head when you’re dancing. Happy crafting, dancers!




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Love is in the air —>

While I like to think it’s Valentine’s Day everyday, it’s still fun to get a little crafty and make something for your S.O. to celebrate Feb 14. Your gift doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. With a little DIYness, the internet, and some stuff you have at home you can probably pull off a super sweet day. Here are my findings:

Use free paint chip cards and a few stamps to express your love.

I love this idea from Casa Sugar’s DIY Vday gifts. And if you don’t have stamps I say a good ol’ sharpie will work too. You can always find some cute images online to cut out and use as a stencil if your skills are a little shaky. This one has been going around, so Home Depot might be out, but  you can always use construction paper. Get a pack at Michael’s for like $2.

Food Passport

How brilliant is this?! I love, love, love this food passport idea from thespottedfox.com. Basically, find a simple notebook, Target has a few in the dollar bins, grab some makers and pens, and fill in all the restaurants you’ve been meaning to try. Ask friends for reccos, or check out Yelp, choose places a few cities over, or put in ones that require a day trip. I love that the blogger says how it answers that whole “where do you want to go? I dunno. Where do you want to go?” thing. You can even leave a few blank pages for your sweetie to add to the list.

Let them wake up and smell the coffee.

Chances are….we all live pretty close to a coffee shop. Get your butt up early and pick up some coffee and pastries to greet your sweetheart with. These printable coffee sleeves I peeped on Tip Junkie are perfect for V-day.

Homemade treats for your sweets.

Find a great cookie recipe online or ask a friend, and bake a batch of homemade goodness. Then find some twine, ribbon, whatever and wrap it up all pretty. One cute idea I found in one of my cookbooks, to make heart-shaped cupcakes….was after you fill the cupcake papers with batter take a small piece of balled up foil and place it between the cupcake paper and the baking tin. So, as the cupcake bakes and rises it has a little dent in the side making it a heart shape. Mine were little fat hearts, but hey it’s an idea.

photo from Discovery channel

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