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Dance in black and white.

I’m getting our Pinterest boards together. And one of the things I keep googling is dancers in the 50s and 60s. I love these beautiful photographs in black and white. The elegant costumes and style.  And I love that every dancer exhibits an emotion — most of the time happiness or in the case of the girl stretching…pain. Every time a dancer is captured on film, you see a bit of their soul, their true emotion. You couldn’t just stand there posing and get that kind of genuine feeling. It’s absolutely beautiful and I want to see more of it.

Keep dancin’ Keep snappin’ pics.

XoXo, B

Galactic-Romance_50sDance2 Galactic-Romance_50sDance6 Galactic-Romance_50sDance5 GalacticRomance_50sDance Galactic-Romance_50sDance3 Galactic-Romance_50sDance4

Photo creds: fiftieswedding.com2.bp.blogspot.com, doctormacro.com, 24.media.tumblr.comwandervogeldiary.files.wordpress.comweheartvintage.co

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Brand new tees: I’m too sexy for my shirt … so sexy it hurts.

Oooooo happy Friday, y’all. And drum roll please……here’s a little sneak peak of our latest t-shirts!!! They’re all my faves. I hope you like them too. And, they’re available for purchase now from me and online coming very soon. As usual you can leave me a message on FB if you want to claim one, before they’re gone. New bags and sweat pants are coming up next! Keep dancin’

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