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5 Ways to celebrate National Dance Day!


National Dance Day is this Saturday, July 27. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Here are 5 ideas to keep you dancing:

1. Learn a dance routine.

Try one of the videos at the Dizzy Feet Foundation site. Or look up a tutorial online. Lots of great choreo out there. *OMG! How cute is Napoleon dancing with his baby strapped to his chest? And Tabs is as awesome as ever!

2. Take a class at a local dance studio.

Or try a completely different dance style that’s out of your comfort zone. Twerking anyone? BTW- Keaira LeShae is an amazing dancer check out her own original music video and some hot, hot choreo!

3. Throw an impromptu DANCE PARTY!

  • Craft a bangin’ playlist
  • Invite a few (or a lot) of friends over
  • Provide some refreshments — dancing makes guests thirsty
  • Roll up the shag rug, put away the china, hide the pets

4. Play a game you’re guaranteed to win and do your HAPPY DANCE.

CandyLand, hoops, Bingo, staring contest, etc.

5. Find a fun band or DJ playing and go out and dance your little heart out.

Have fun and let me know how you’ll celebrate Dance day! Keep dancin’



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Our first ever Pop Up Shop & Show

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The Pulse Dance Event: Super sore & totally inspired

This weekend, The Pulse On Tour stopped in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency. It was two-days of intense, inspiring classes with amazing choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance, Step Up, music videos, and more. And us girls were pretty lucky since we got the all-male line up. We took classes with Gil Duldulao, Brian Friedman, Chris Judd, Tyce Diorio, Wade Robson, and Dave Scott. The choreo, songs, genres, all of it was breathtaking. Literally, I got pretty worked on the second day, but it was so worth it.

All the choreographers were so good–it’s hard to pick a fave routine. But I do have to say Dave Scott is my favorite choreographer of all time. His choreo is fun, intricate, high energy, and he has this way of putting in moves that play off the words in the songs that just takes it to a whole other level. Plus, he did a Lil Wayne piece–now you know I got a soft spot for Lil Wayne! *I gave him a GR t-shirt (the Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat. one) yesterday–hope he likes it.

I think as a dance instructor it’s nice to learn from others, especially those who are at the top of our profession. It’s nice to be challenged and pushed out of our comfort zones. I loved every moment of it. It’s all inspiring and has only made me a better dancer. Being a dancer seriously is one of the best things ever! I couldn’t imagine a life without dance. Do check out for upcoming events. I might see you in NYC!

Elemental Remix girls with Wade Robson.

With my favorite choreographer, Dave Scott.

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All You Can Dance days … just $5.

Photo by Chris Willis

Get your dance on at Ariel Dance Productions in Campbell for All You Can Dance days. It’s an awesome studio with amazing instructors (if I do say so myself). Seriously, whether you’re a beginner just wanting to try dance or are a seasoned dancer, this is a great way to experience new styles and choreographers–and get a killer workout in the process. And it’s only $5 per day, what?! Way better than All You Can Eat for $5. If you’re new to Ariel Dance Productions, you’re in for a treat. There are no competitive dance attitudes and everyone is so friendly there–you’ll be wondering where the kool-aid is. Keep dancin’ friends. Learn more>

When: Saturday, Feb 25 and Sunday, Feb 26.

How much: $5.oo per day

Where: Ariel dance studio, 2385 S. Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008

Sign up:  

Call 408-621-2790 or email: 

(Space is limited, please call to reserve your spot.)

All You Can Dance weekend schedule:

Saturday, 2/25

10:15 am-11:30 am, Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary Dance

10:30 am-11:45 am, Beginning Hip Hop

11:30 am-12:45 pm, Beginning/Intermediate Jazz

11:45 pm-1:00 pm, Beginning Break Dance 

12:45 pm-2:00 pm, Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop

2:15 pm-3:15 pm, Show Choir (Sing & Dance)

Sunday, 2/26

10 am-11 am, Basic Ballet Bootcamp

11 am-12 pm, Beginning Jazz-Hip Hop Fusion

12 pm-1 pm, Body of a Dancer Fitness

6 pm-7 pm, Zumba Fitness and Toning

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Zombie Crawl this Friday.

Join us for the Zombie Crawl in Downtown Campbell. Come dressed in your finest zombie gear or just come and enjoy the sight. Get the deets here. Learn flash mob choreo tonight at the Campbell Community Center track at 6:45pm.

Do a little dance- today’s Groupon!

Hey dancers! Today’s Groupon features Ariel Dance Productions–the studio that I teach hip hop at. We have a great group of dancers and amazing instructors. It’s a wonderful place to learn how to dance or even pick up a new style–it’s not intimidating at all! Just a super fun way to get in shape (10mins of abs in my class, hello!) and become a better dancer. We have styles that range from hip hop to breakdancing to belly dancing to lyrical and more. Check out this Groupon today and save!

Photo credit: Chris Willis @