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DIY: Floral Headband

Spring is in my hair. I am super obsessed with floral headbands right now. They’re so beautiful, so femme, so fresh–even if they are faux flowers. I decided to make one to wear to a friend’s b-day bash at the Academy of Sciences in SF. It’s super easy and you can make one too. Just pick up a few items at your local craft store and it seriously doesn’t take that long to make. These floral headbands would be so beautiful on stage. Just gotta pin it like crazy, so it stays on your head when you’re dancing. Happy crafting, dancers!





Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_1 Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_2 Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_3


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