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Costume Mood Board: 1920s The Great Gatsby

I’m super obsessed with the 20s. Something about style, hair, and oh my gosh talk about a cardio workout that was the dance of the day. All that hopping, kicking, flapping about, those dancers were in great shape. I’m beyond psyched to see Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby. I think I’m going to convince a few of my friends to dress up and see the movie with me. So, here’s a mood board to kick things off. Keep flapping. XOXO, Brandie


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Costume MoodBoard: Native American

Hello, hello. Here’s the latest costume we’re working on. Elemental Remix will be performing at the SF Pride Parade on the Asian & Pacific Islander LGBT Stage on Sunday, June 24. And, we’re also performing at Mission in the Mix for Micaya on Saturday, June 23 & 24! Rock star triple performance weekend. Since, Pride weekend brings all sorts of characters and costumes (or lack thereof), I thought it would be fun to have a theme. So, we’re going with Native American. I love the look of feathers, teal, and that moccasin brown with a little hit of black or ivory. Loving all the face paint examples here. Especially since we’ll have 11 girls performing–how hot is that walking around with a tribe?! Anywooooo, enjoy!

Above photos from: xblubx, nextafterthissartoriusbow , tumblr,

Above photos from: hipfashionstylist, itscalledstylebabytumblr, helloooooogreenlaceboudoir, vedicimage,

Examples of colors, materials, and accessories to put together. Above items from: Forever 21

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Costume MoodBoard: Big Cats Costume

Happy Monday, all! This is part 2 of the Big Cats and Lion Tamers costumes for my intermediate/ advance hip hop piece. This particular one will have to be crafted together. The inspiration and basic idea of where the faux fur will be located is on the image below, top left. Joann’s fabrics has about 10 different animal prints in faux fur. I’m thinking a few yards per dancer to wrap around legs, at wrists, around the skirt, and some faux fur to attach to the black headband to create ears. (Will do a tutorial for this! Coming soon.) One thing I’d like all the dancers wearing the cat costume is to have the black top from Forever 21 (in the style deals, only $4.50). I love the back detail, also will need to wear a black spaghetti strap tank underneath. For the skirt, I want something short and A-line (from H & M $17.95). Nothing too fitted, because when we add the faux fur you’ll need to be able to move–faux fur doesn’t stretch at all. Will post more photos as we make the costumes. Keep dancin’

Costume list: black top from F21, black spaghetti strap tank, black A-line skirt, black headband, black socks, and black shoes. *I will pick up fabric.

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Costume MoodBoard: Lion Tamers

I have several pieces I’m choreographing for in the next month. One piece is for our studio show themed Circus or Cirque–depending on which route we choose to go. For my inter/adv class, I decided to go with Lion Tamers and Big Cats. I thought it would be fun to costume a piece around lion tamers. It’s a fearless character in the circus world. And I love the power and fierceness the cats represent. Here’s what I found for inspiration during a google search. I’ll post the “big cats” board soon and looking at how I want to construct the costume I might have to add a DIY tutorial for that one. Enjoy!

Show: Ariel Dance Productions, Spring 2012, Theme: Cirque de Ariel, Class: Int/Adv Hip Hop, Choreographer: Me, Songs: Rack City (Tyga), The Motto (Drake feat. Lil Wayne), I Just Wanna F (David Guetta), and I’ll Be There (Afrojack).

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Costume MoodBoard: Steampunk

I’m currently choreographing a piece for my high school girls to “Run the World” by Beyonce. I took a few cues from the music video, which has a military feel to it as well as the steampunk style for our costumes. I’ve been in love with Steampunk forever. I love the dark Victorian-esque clothing that blends in gadgetry. Steampunk gadgets are more cleverly analog than 1’s and 0’s. Often times you’ll see gears, scopes, goggles, and metal notions worked into the outfit. It’s so lovely. So, peep my initial moodboard. I’ll post another board of the actual pieces we intend to order. OH! And check out the anime Steamboy–great movie complete with cool inventions. Keep dancin’