Costume MoodBoard: Native American

Hello, hello. Here’s the latest costume we’re working on. Elemental Remix will be performing at the SF Pride Parade on the Asian & Pacific Islander LGBT Stage on Sunday, June 24. And, we’re also performing at Mission in the Mix for Micaya on Saturday, June 23 & 24! Rock star triple performance weekend. Since, Pride weekend brings all sorts of characters and costumes (or lack thereof), I thought it would be fun to have a theme. So, we’re going with Native American. I love the look of feathers, teal, and that moccasin brown with a little hit of black or ivory. Loving all the face paint examples here. Especially since we’ll have 11 girls performing–how hot is that walking around with a tribe?! Anywooooo, enjoy!

Above photos from: xblubx, nextafterthissartoriusbow , tumblr,

Above photos from: hipfashionstylist, itscalledstylebabytumblr, helloooooogreenlaceboudoir, vedicimage,

Examples of colors, materials, and accessories to put together. Above items from: Forever 21

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