Hair stylin’: Faux hawk girlie edition

My good friend, Irene, found this awesome photo of a girl’s faux hawk sans shaving the sides of your head and I thought it was brilliant. So I decided to try it out with my long hair. Ummmm….one essential thing you must have: TONS of bobbie pins. I don’t mean like 10, did I say TONS a few words ago? Yes.

Sorry no step by step but you can do it! I started with day old hair (squeaky clean hair never holds anything FYI). Then I hit my hair with a few shots of hairspray. Grabbed the middle section of the front of my hair, so a section that’s about eyeball to eyeball width, and teased that from the back, think big, smoothed the front hairs, more hair spray. Then remember those old school banana clips? Well, imagine putting on a really big one. So, I pulled the sides up but continue to pull up the middle and securing with bobbie pins. I do this for the top half of my hair.

Then I take the long pony tail part loosely twist it up and lay it on top of the center faux hawk and I try to hide the twist, so pulling hair over it so it doesn’t look a chigon. Again tons of bobbie pins. But now you have a very saggy, not tight faux hawk. From there I shape the faux hawk and place pins every 2 inches. Then I smooth up the sides and strategically place pins to keep it taut. More hair spray, more pins, my arms are tired. But I think I achieved my version of it. I’ll be doing this again. Especially with my black Dev dress!

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