One Wicked show…video from our latest performance!

Yes, I am still chugging away at those darn photos from the shoot. Good lord, I don’t know how professional photographers do it. But mad props to them!! Almost done. In the meantime, my dance company that I direct, Elemental Remix, had a show this past weekend. We’re an all-female dance company that is primarily hip hop, but we can do everything else. We were guest performers at the Wicked Show and were asked to perform three pieces. So we did three totally different pieces and a few of the girls choreographed, I think it all came together after hours and hours of rehearsal. Any who, here are the tech rehearsal videos–so if sounds like there is no one in the audience ummm there pretty much wasn’t– and excuse the minor mess ups. Enjoy! Keep dancin!

Ruby Blue (choreographed by yours truly!) *Don’t you love the nautical theme. Will have to get closer photos!

The Elements of Hip Hop: From swaggah to sexy

Unexpected Baggage (lyrical piece)

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