That choreographer is cray…

It’s been a while since I last posted….a week actually! Lots of great things in the works. Just wrapped up our first ever photo shoot (culling through 3000 images), currently choreographing for two shows (will have to share my Ruby Blue routine if I get decent video), and getting ready for the SJ Made show–where we’ll have a table with all our lovely dance gear. One of my dancer/ choreographer friends shared this video (thanks, Christine!). Ummmm yeah sometimes I can get like this. Hahhahaha. I’m loving the “it’s a 17-count, all the greats do it”.

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2 thoughts on “That choreographer is cray…

  1. Christine Bagube says:

    haha! went on here to look at the cat costume. cracked up when i saw this here! love this video. every dance teacher has their version of this meltdown….

    • Hahahahaha totally! I’ve done this (but have always found a way to bring myself back to laughing at how ridiculous I sound!), haven’t gone as far as throwing someone’s hat on the ground, but hey I might just?! hahahaha

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