Must see -dance- movies this year….

I love movies. And, yes, I know dance movies never seem to have a great story line. But these might. And, then again who really cares I just want to see some great dancing! Here’s what’s on my list (so far) of movies to see:

Rock of Ages

Cris Judd is a featured dancer and the movie is choreographed by Mia Michaels.  Cris and Mia are amazing choreographers. I got a chance to take a class with Cris when Pulse came through Santa Clara. I can’t find him in the trailer, but from the dance scenes there’s gonna be some hot routines.

Step Up 4

Oooooooo okay the last three haven’t been amazing story lines. But the choreography has always been hot. I love how this trailer shows all the different concepts and types of dance. And the different scenes—like on efffing hydraulic cars!!! What?! I’ll have to see this in a theatre that has a banging sound system.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer

Okay, not necessarily a “dance” movie, but if you’re like me. You’ll agree that fight choreography is choreography and it takes a heck of a lot of training to pull off these perfect moves. Plus, my all time favorite director is Tim Burton and along with the director from Wanted, who else can envision something as creepy and amazing as Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Slayer. Bring it, Abe!

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