You fancy, huh?

Hair done, nails done, everything done….I’m fancy, huh? My hair and nails needed desperate attention this weekend. And thanks to my amazing stylist, Stacey, my hair is like “my little pony” rocking! We added in a deep blue, purple, and the usual pink. We hope over the course of the 4-5 weeks it will start to fade into lighter colors, so we’ll see. Also, I saw this video of Mr. Kate and her DIY Bow tie tutorial, which by the way is such a great way to make a bow tie and so easy. I love her. I got the idea from her nails….though my aren’t photographing bright and they are. Mr. Kate’s are way more neon. I’ve already lost 3 rhinestones, but hey it’s all fun. If you’re in SJ my nails were done by Nail Pros on the Alameda. Happy Monday!

Cardi: Forever 21, Beatles t-shirt: H & M, Hello Kitty key necklace, jeans: Bebe, shoes: Air Jordans (not shown)

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