What I wear….when I’m not dancing.

I dance, teach, and choreograph a lot. I mean, a lot! Usually when I’m doing my thing I’m sporting a pair of comfy sweats and, of course, a Galactic Romance t-shirt. So when I’m not shaking my tail feather, I love to dress up. I LOVE clothes, accessories, and shoes (the more the better) and the best part is coming up with all the awesome, possible combinations of putting outfits together. It’s so fun. I hope to post more outfits, even my dance ones. This one is from a day trip my hubby and I took for his birthday. It was a bit chilly on the coast so it’s layer galore!

Glasses: G. Armani, Earrings: Invu at Great Mall, Scarf: Target, Animal sweater: H & M, Arm warmers: can’t remember, Tank: Nordie’s Rack, Black jeans: Forever 21, Leg warmers: from 23 Skidoo Vintage in Campbell, Boots: Crown Vintage, Photo: Ede Schweizer

Like an onion...lots of layers.


2 thoughts on “What I wear….when I’m not dancing.

  1. What I love most about your outfit other than how great and comfy it looks, is that it’s affordable! I love when designers pair fancy expensive stuff with pieces from Targét!

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