MJ Immortal Show

I think my one regret in life is never going to an MJ concert. Too young, too poor to get tickets. But the Cirque du Soleil production of the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour was amazing-while it’s not a replacement. It definitely felt like a tribute to a phenomenal artist, performer, and person. I probably teared up about three times. To listen to the music at such an intense level and see the Cirque masterminds interpretation of MJ made me feel like I was inside of a dream. Many of the famous routines from the videos we learned from when we were kids were all there. My sister and I had a hard time not getting up and dancing in the aisle. The costumes were mind blowing–especially the suits with the built-in lights. And I loved the main mime character played by French b-boy Salah–awesome popper, animator, etc. If you love MJ like the rest of the world, you’ll love this show!


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