LOVE this choreo to trance/electro music.

I’m a huge fan of electronic, trance, breakbeats, house, and drum & bass. Super energetic. I’ve never really tried to choreograph to it–since I teach hip hop. But this is awesome inspiration. Love the breakdown at minute 2:17 This routine is super sexy and has loads of high energy. And, ummmm, let me give the girls in 4 inch heels mad props for executing several p-drops! Skills! Awesome job Lika Stitch choreography 🙂


2 thoughts on “LOVE this choreo to trance/electro music.

  1. THis is AMAZING…..can’t believe I loved it so much…I expected to hate it. Thanks – this – I would have never seen otherwise – god I love this blogsphere!!

  2. I love how the dude is wearing heels! Nice!

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