Oct 6. The day after our great Steve Jobs has passed. Tears, sadness, gratitude. He was a brilliant light in this world. He challenged the status quo, looked forward, and made innovations that much better. It wasn’t just the products, it was about enhancing our lives. I feel blessed to have had the honor of working for Apple during the six years of world-changing innovation. I’ll never forget the one employee meeting, when he mentioned the importance of surrounding yourself with people who love and support you. Simple advice, right?  But to come from a CEO to his employees–the pause he took and seriousness he held–I was struck by this and have kept it in my heart ever since. He not only saw the beauty in design and technology, he saw the beauty in human connections and building beautiful relationships.

For the many, many times I’ve had to (and sometimes begrudgingly) include “The world’s fastest/ thinnest/most powerful/etc…” in my copy, here it goes again.

Steve, you were the world’s greatest. 

Thank you–you will be missed!

*Photo sourced from and to read statements from Pres. Obama, George Lucas, John Lesseter, and more go to geekrest.com.

You’ll be missed, SJ!


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