Throw some glitter make it rain.

Okay this was a few weeks ago, but I’m still loving the LMFAO and Ke$ha concert in Oakland I went to. Seriously-have both albums on repeat in my car right now. One of the highest energy concerts I’ve been to. So glad it was standing room only–since I was dancing my butt off! Plus, two huge surprises, well for me at least, were Amanda Blank coming out on stage with SpankRock. What?! She’s like one of my fave (sickest) female rappers. And two, Hawk and a couple of the guys from Quest Crew were back up dancing for LMFAO. How awesome is that? When Party Rock Anthem came on I almost lost it. EVERYONE in the theater was shufflin’. And then to end it all Ke$ha gets on a cannon filled with glitter and yes she made it rain.

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