Let’s be brave.


Vulnerability = Bravery. Putting yourself “out there.” Taking the leap makes you vulnerable because you don’t know the outcome. You have no control over any of it. Whether it’s the outcome you’re hoping for, surprised by in the end, or the one that goes up in flames and is a big fail. Whatever the ending may be you can still chalk it up to bravery. You tried. If we’re always doing the things we’re used to, then there would be no exploration, inspiration, or newness in our lives. Being vulnerable and putting yourself out there is a brave and bold move.

In terms of dance life, I’ll choreograph a piece that’s out of my comfort zone, try a song that is not expected to be done with hip hop moves, and take a dance class I have no training in. I show my dancers and students vulnerability every time I stand in front of them, in front of that mirror. I’m okay with messing up, laughing at myself, being human. I think my courage gives them the courage to push themselves and keep trying. I haven’t succeeded at everything I try, but honestly I “try” a whole lot, so the chance for success is ever greater. Feel free to share your story with me. Keep dancin’ kittens XOXO…B

5 Ways to celebrate National Dance Day!


National Dance Day is this Saturday, July 27. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Here are 5 ideas to keep you dancing:

1. Learn a dance routine.

Try one of the videos at the Dizzy Feet Foundation site. Or look up a tutorial online. Lots of great choreo out there. *OMG! How cute is Napoleon dancing with his baby strapped to his chest? And Tabs is as awesome as ever!

2. Take a class at a local dance studio.

Or try a completely different dance style that’s out of your comfort zone. Twerking anyone? BTW- Keaira LeShae is an amazing dancer check out her own original music video and some hot, hot choreo!

3. Throw an impromptu DANCE PARTY!

  • Craft a bangin’ playlist
  • Invite a few (or a lot) of friends over
  • Provide some refreshments — dancing makes guests thirsty
  • Roll up the shag rug, put away the china, hide the pets

4. Play a game you’re guaranteed to win and do your HAPPY DANCE.

CandyLand, hoops, Bingo, staring contest, etc.

5. Find a fun band or DJ playing and go out and dance your little heart out.

Have fun and let me know how you’ll celebrate Dance day! Keep dancin’



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Costume Mood Board: 1920s The Great Gatsby

I’m super obsessed with the 20s. Something about style, hair, and oh my gosh talk about a cardio workout that was the dance of the day. All that hopping, kicking, flapping about, those dancers were in great shape. I’m beyond psyched to see Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby. I think I’m going to convince a few of my friends to dress up and see the movie with me. So, here’s a mood board to kick things off. Keep flapping. XOXO, Brandie


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Choreographer / Dancer: Lauren Hoskins

Hey dancers! I’m super excited to share this lovely choreographer’s interview. Lauren Hoskins has a very special place in my dance heart. I’m proud to say she has danced with me on my team, Elemental Remix, and has been killing it ever since. She is one of the most fierce performers I know. I find myself breathless when I watch her dance. She’s an inspiring choreographer and instructor and all-around creative person with the biggest heart ever. Hair, makeup, photography, philanthropy, she does it all. Her most recent endeavor involves her company Montage Dance Productions. They are organizing and presenting a dance fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds will support the kids at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Read on. Get inspired and do something amazing in the name of dance. Lauren is! XOXO, Brandie

What’s your name/ Nickname/ Dancer name?
Lauren Hoskins. I don’t really have a nickname… I guess I should work on that!

Where are you from?
Santa Clara, Ca… Bay Area!!!

Dancer by day. Dancer Teacher by night. Choreographer, Photographer, makeup artist, and hair stylist on the weekends.

What type of dance do you teach?
Mostly Hip Hop, but Jazz, tap, and I can’t forget about my baby classes.

Have you danced for any artists on tour, done commercial work, or been a part of any dance crews?
I started off with Elemental Remix 😀 Joined Funkanometry SF before moving to LA. While I was there I taught celebrity children like Aoki, Kimora Sim’s daughter, and disabled adults that have been on many different tv shows like Saving Grace, Secret Life of an American Teenager, ER, and Legit, to name a few. Had my own dance company, backup danced for several independent artists, and trained with world famous dancers. I currently choreograph and dance for an artist named Amber Lily. We’ve been on a few tours, done a lot of traveling for radio disney shows, and made a few music videos. I’m lucky enough to have the skill of makeup and hair because I’ve been apart of almost every part of her career. More recently her and I went to Miami where she was apart of the TV show X-factor. I did her hair and makeup and of course helped her choreography. I also, put on dance productions and more recently competitions and fundraisers with my company Montage Dance Productions.


5 words to describe your style.
Evolving, Smooth, Gangster, Emo, Versatile

What made you put on your dancing shoes?
When I was younger I was super shy. I would never be willing to even ask my parents to take classes. My stepmom asked me if I would like to take a dance class and that was that. I was hooked and it’s been my life since.

What was it like taking your first dance class?
I just remember wanting to do my best. Class is no different for me now. I’m very competitive and if there’s someone better then me it makes me try harder.

What inspires you to choreograph?
At this point I have to find inspiration in everything. I can be choreographing upwards of 20 new dances a week, sometimes more. Not everything I choreograph is good or up to par of my standards. Luckily at least half of those dances are for young children and I can get away with simple movements.

I find that I’m most inspired when I’m either very happy or sad. Any type of emotion can spark a new move. Also, watching other choreographers really make me excited to choreograph. You can spend an afternoon on youtube watching some of the best choreographers in the world for free. It amazing! You no longer have to spend tons of money to go see a great show.. Although it is always more impressive live.

Share one memorable moment in dance.
Hmmmmm…. there are so many. I guess when I was backup dancing for Amber Lily. We did this show in front of thousands of crazy and amazing Girl Scouts. They loved her so much that at one point they all ran towards the stage like Amber was Justin Bieber. They were screaming, jumping on the stage and trying to touch her hand. It was nuts. It was a great feeling that everyone was enjoying the show.


What do you enjoy most about being an instructor?
I’ve been teaching for 10 years now and I’m always impressed, always surprised, and every class is different. Students can still move me to tears. Even a couple days a ago, I have a group of 4-6 year old boys doing hip hop. They aren’t doing an emotional dance… they are getting down and being tuff. I decided to watch them do their first run through of their recital dance since the previous week and it is not an easy dance. Not only did a few boys remember the entire thing, including the new choreography, but they did it with passion and technique. They had  obviously practiced and it made me nearly cry right there in front of them. I was so happy, and affected. Teaching is such a gift and I love doing it!

Who is your favorite dancer or choreographer? What do you love about them?
Oh man, thats a tuffy. There are so many. I really admire Mariel Martin. She’s not only an incredible dancer and choreographer, but a very humble and sweet person. I was lucky enough to be apart of funkanometry when she was there. I learned so much from her.

I also look up to my friend Mykell Wilson, who I just met this past year. He was a big part of Montage Dance Competition and Showcase.  He was a judge, he showcased, and also taught at the workshop we had. Not only is he a beautiful choreographer and dancer, but he’s just an inspiring person. He’s always writing these amazing quotes on his facebook wall, and in his classes he makes you want to be your best. I definitely feel like a better teacher after only taking two of his classes. Thank you Mykell! I think for me you have to have the whole package to really impress me. Ability and talent is everywhere, but if your also a great person.. that’s what really moves me.


What dance style do you want to try, but never have?
I’ve tried a lot of things, but I really would like to work more on lyrical. I LOVE choreographing lyrical dances even if I’m not the most technical, flexible lyrical dancer. Also, I’d like to try wacking. Looks like a ton of fun!

What would you like to say to dancers just starting out?
Always be humble, always work hard. Don’t base your natural ability or lack of ability on what you or your peers can achieve. Because one day the person struggling in class will be the best since they worked hard, or you could be that person struggling that transforms into a terrific dancer.

Where can we find you and your sweet moves?
You can check me and some of my beautiful students out at
Some of my work with Amber Lily
As well as all my up coming dance productions at

Tell us about your upcoming event.
I’m very excited about the next Montage Event on May 18. It’s a fundraiser where 100% of all the proceeds are going to Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Ronald McDonald House at Stanford which makes it possible for young patients and their families to stay together during a time when they need one another the most. Please visit the House website, www.ronaldhouse.net, and see why Montage Dance Productions is devoting our time, talent, and heart to an event featuring more than 200 dancers to benefit this wonderful organization. Montage produces Bay Area Dance Showcase and Competition events to give dance students and professional dance troupes an opportunity to perform and share their love of dance. To see some of the performers at our 2012 Dance Competition and Showcase, please visit our website at www.montagedanceproductions.com. Ronald McDonald House at Stanford relies on compassionate individuals and organizations like us to ensure they have the resources to continue to serve those in need.

To Purchase tickets, or see how you can help please go to


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DIY: Floral Headband

Spring is in my hair. I am super obsessed with floral headbands right now. They’re so beautiful, so femme, so fresh–even if they are faux flowers. I decided to make one to wear to a friend’s b-day bash at the Academy of Sciences in SF. It’s super easy and you can make one too. Just pick up a few items at your local craft store and it seriously doesn’t take that long to make. These floral headbands would be so beautiful on stage. Just gotta pin it like crazy, so it stays on your head when you’re dancing. Happy crafting, dancers!




source: hairstylestars.comlitterandvintage.wordpress.comkitten.buzznet.comalwaysdolledup.comweheartit.comshefinds.com

Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_1 Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_2 Galactic-Romance_Blog_DIY-Floral_Headband_3


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Dance in black and white.

I’m getting our Pinterest boards together. And one of the things I keep googling is dancers in the 50s and 60s. I love these beautiful photographs in black and white. The elegant costumes and style.  And I love that every dancer exhibits an emotion — most of the time happiness or in the case of the girl stretching…pain. Every time a dancer is captured on film, you see a bit of their soul, their true emotion. You couldn’t just stand there posing and get that kind of genuine feeling. It’s absolutely beautiful and I want to see more of it.

Keep dancin’ Keep snappin’ pics.

XoXo, B

Galactic-Romance_50sDance2 Galactic-Romance_50sDance6 Galactic-Romance_50sDance5 GalacticRomance_50sDance Galactic-Romance_50sDance3 Galactic-Romance_50sDance4

Photo creds: fiftieswedding.com2.bp.blogspot.com, doctormacro.com, 24.media.tumblr.comwandervogeldiary.files.wordpress.comweheartvintage.co

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Dance is what music looks like.

One of my absolute favorite sayings — ever! Once I finally decided to get this printed, wearing it gave it more meaning. I rock this when I teach my dance classes and it’s such a beautiful statement for my students. I’m teaching them movement to the music they hear. Creating visual art with musical art. By the end of class we’ve given these lovely notes even more life–we’ve created a deeper connection with the music. We’ve expressed the melodies and lyrics with our bodies through dance. How effing awesome is that?! There are so many more songs that need dance. I can’t wait to choreograph to them! Keep dancin’



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Hoppy Friday!

hoppy easter

Alright getting back into the swing of things. What’s up with me, doc?

New Galactic Romance website redesign, check it here. Super proud of this baby!

Pop-up shop coming to the Wicked Dance Productions show on April 7. Deets and tickets here.

This blog getting more lovin’ in the very near future with costume DIY and other how-to’s. Like making this flowery headband.

Adding a social manager to the team. So now you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Oh my!

Have a wonderful weekend, dancers!


your girl B

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Spring Break: the Musical

Well, I’ve been busy, busy as assistant choreographer and dancer in this new, original musical called Spring Break: the Musical. We’ve performed six shows at the Eureka Theater in SF and have four more shows to go. Get your tix at the link above. This brilliantly written and hilarious musical by Sara Faith Alterman has been a blast to be part of and I “want more, and more, and more” of it. Here are some of my fave dance photos from rehearsal and tech. Enjoy!! Keep dancin’

Photos by Scott Lifton and Hugo Carbajal.

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